Conference and Corporate Presentations

Here is a listing of Robert’s current Corporate/Conference Presentations. Any of these can be mixed or matched to create a specific outcome you might have in mind.

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Amazing Confessions of a Cruise Director!

How to set sail for success and make things happen

Success. It’s what everyone strives for. 99.9 percent want it but less than 48 percent actually end up getting there. How do you bring 48 percent up to 99.9 percent? With Robert’s proven and effective tools, anyone can make success a sure thing. Landau spent 10 years as an International Cruise Director with 300 ports of call on close to 400 cruises perfecting his popular method to master success. For the past 15 years, audiences have been leaving this presentation excited about their lives fully knowing how to get what they want so they can be the success they were always meant to be.
Participants will be able to;

  1. DEVISE and IMPLEMENT a plan that leads to happiness, success and fulfillment
  2. DEMONSTRATE the ability to overcome fears and doubts
  3. RECOGNIZE negative mindsets and DEMONSTRATE the ability to successfully turn them around fast
  4. UTILIZE The Five Secrets of Manifestation

Program Format –
“Amazing Confessions of a Cruise Director!” is available in Keynote and Seminar formats of various lengths to match your event.

I LOVE My Job!

Extreme motivation for employees

Happiness at work has become a big thing in today’s business world. There are ways to get the most out of employees while making sure their wants and needs are taken care of. Can going to work every morning be something one actually looks forward to? You bet! Knowing how to create a vibrant and positive workplace synergy tweaks everything from production, employee retention and most importantly…the bottom line. This presentation gets the ‘wheels’ of a corporate workplace moving in a direction of true workplace contentedness and positivity.

Participants will be able to;

  1. KNOW HOW TO turn workplace negatives into vibrant positives
  2. UTILIZE ways to look forward to the prospect of each and every work day
  3. UNDERSTAND and have a working knowledge of the role of FUN at work
  4. REMEMBER how to use Robert’s Five Ways to Always be Satisfied at Work

Program Format –
“I LOVE My Job!” is available in Keynote and Seminar formats of various lengths to fit your event format.

Leadership Skills for the New Millennium

Powerful tools for total leadership success

Got Leadership? Effective leadership skills are not only necessary, they are mandatory. It’s often the difference between sinking or swimming. Most employees feel as if they are sinking because they don’t know how to use leadership skills or they weren’t shown how to identify them in the first place. It’s a different world out there and everyone needs to know how to take things to the next level when it comes to effective leadership. Imagine what a different world it would be if those in a position of leadership lead from their heart instead of their head! True leadership skills can change everything for the better.

“Leadership Skills for the New Millennium” will show participants how to;

  1. IDENTIFY and DEMONSTRATE their own, unique Personal Leadership Skills Toolbox
  2. DISCOVER and IMPLEMENT their “Inner” Leader Connection
  3. PERFORM leadership skills that effect positive change
  4. COMMUNICATE as a true leader and get the message across the first time, every time
  5. UNDERSTAND and INCORPORATE The Five Pillars of Leadership for the New Millennium

Program Format –
“Life Leadership Skills for the New Millennium” is available in Keynote and Seminar formats of various lengths and is customized to fit the format of your event.

Who is the Captain of Your Ship?

How to take control and sail through any storm

Pack your bags for an amazing journey. The destination? True self-realization and empowerment. So many seem to be ‘lost at sea’ these days. Once you feel your ship is sinking, do you know how to turn things around and save the day? Knowing how to be the Captain of your ship and create a positive and vibrant future gives you the strength to weather any storm. Are we the seemingly constant storms that seem to rage in life or are we more than that? Even more important, knowing how to handle those storms so that they don’t stop us in our tracks can make the difference between lasting success or failure on the job, as well as in life.

Participants will be able to;

  1. DESIGN and map out their course and take full control of the wheel of their ‘ship’
  2. UTILIZE Robert’s Three Life Rings to successfully persevere through any disaster
  3. EMPOWER themselves to feel good about who they are

Program Format –
“Who is the Captain of Your Ship?” is available in Keynote and Seminar formats of various lengths to fit the format of your event.

Shoot, Score and Make It Happen!

How to set any goal…and be victorious

Saying it is one thing, but making it happen is another story. If employees are falling short of what they want to achieve on the job, they may need some help with goal-setting. Studies show that most employees don’t know how to take steps to effectively make their goals happen. In this presentation, participants will learn how the process of setting and achieving goals can make a huge difference in changing things for the better. They’ll learn that goal setting is quite easy to accomplish when you go about it the right way – and with the right attitude and expectations.

Participants will be able to;

  1. IDENTIFY, STATE and WRITE OUT their goals
  2. CREATE and ADHERE to a specific time frame for achieving those goals
  3. UNDERSTANDING of how to overcome negativity and obstacles that can prevent goals from being realized
  4. UTILIZE The Five Secrets of Effective Goal Realization (proven techniques for visualizing goals and expecting positive results)

Program Format –
“Shoot, Score…Make it Happen!” is available in Keynote and Seminar formats of various lengths to fit your event format.

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